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Welcome to the ACE-WIL Resource Hub!

The many resources developed by ACE-WIL volunteers, members and member institutions are available here for you to explore.

Learn how to navigate the Resource Hub in this quick intro video.

ACE-WIL Members, be sure to log in to the Member Portal (top right) to access member-only resources.

Resource Packs

Collections of resources with a particular theme


All resources and insights for a particular initiative

Resource Topics

All resources for a specific audience

Engaging with Employers

Engaging with Employers includes a wide range of resources, tipsheets, funding options, toolkits, videos, webinars, checklists and more, that have been created to assist employers looking to work with a WIL student.

Engaging with ACE-WIL Members

Engaging with ACE-WIL Members includes special resources developed for members, WIL practitioners and faculty, and includes townhalls, special events and member outreach.

Engaging with Students

Engaging with Students includes tools and resources to assist students seeking to learn more about WIL programs as well as supports for students during their WIL work placements.